Adjustment Yoga Classes India

Adjustment Yoga

Yoga is an inner journey; allowing the practitioner to connect with their breath while cultivating a profound love and respect for their body. However, like any sound structure, it can be challenging to fabricate the intricate details of the inner workings when the foundation is weak.

Safe adjustments are a fundamental part of creating an exceptional yoga class, and an understanding of how the body works and common alignment issues is invaluable for every yoga student. In this course, a variety of techniques and asanas are covered and practiced, so that each student will gain the practice and confidence to adjust the asana and safety.

Attending adjustment yoga and alignment is all about improving your yoga postures. Hands-on adjustment yoga is going to transform your way of personal practice with subtle correction of your movement.

To achieve a complete understanding of body mechanics in yoga and the significance of adjustment-alignment for improving the same, attending a detailed 100-hour course on the subject is highly recommended.

Safe and smart adjustment yoga begin with having experience in the pose itself to experience and better understand the intention and quality of the posture. During our workshops we spend time learning the mechanics and energetic of each asana as well as practicing the asanas to learn what the postures feel like from the inside out. 

Adjustment yoga and Alignment involves a gentle movement or correction that somehow completely transforms the posture, and therefore your practice; encouraging you to leave the mat with a better understanding and appreciation for your beautiful body.

The Adjustment yoga and Alignment classes are markedly different from the intrusive, forceful or just plain uncomfortable adjustments that leave you wondering where on earth the instructor wants your body to go. Too firm, too light, or without proper direction, their modification tends to create more questions than answers.