Best Yoga Asanas for Diabetes Patient

Diabetes is the leading cause of death in the world. It is a multi-factorial disorder mostly resulting from a lack of proper exercise, inappropriate food habits, etc. Many people, including the young and the old ones, have diabetes and are suffering from their complications. Diabetes affects all over the body. If it is not taken care of, then it can become a severe threat to your life.

But yoga is a prevalent form of exercise which comes with unique benefits. There are so many health problems that can get cured and controlled by practicing yoga, and diabetes is one of them. Certain poses may help lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels while also improving circulation, leading many experts to recommend yoga for diabetes management. The following are the benefits of yoga for diabetes patient:

  1. Stimulate the endocrine system.
  2. Rejuvenate the pancreas and the liver cells.
  3. Provide balance to the nervous system.
  4. Maintain healthy body weight.
  5. Relax the mind and body to reduce tension and stress.

Where other treatments fail to cure diabetes, the following are some of the best yoga poses for diabetes:

Yoga mudrasana (The Symbol of Yoga)

Yoga Mudrasana tones the spine, lower back, and abdomen. This is a forward bending asana and hence should be usually followed by a backward bending asana as a counter pose.  The yoga asana is done while sitting in padmasana, thus exerting pressure on the pancreas and stomach. If possible, then the pose should be retained for at least three minutes. This yoga posture also improves the nervous system.

Mandukasana (Frog Pose)

Mandukasana is an intense pose, and you should take care when learning this posture to ensure that you are doing it correctly to avoid any injury. It is a great stretch for the hips and inner thighs and is one of the best yoga poses for diabetes patients as it stimulates the proper functioning of the beta cells.

Paschimottasana (Forward Seated Bending Posture)

This Yoga pose showers a practitioner with numerous benefits and is one of the most effective poses for an entire body stretch. Good for people who are suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes. This should be practiced early in the morning for the best results. In this yoga posture, the patient has to sit on a mat with the legs stretched in front. Then he has to take in a deep breath while seated and then bend forward from the hips, breathe out while reaching for the toes. Hold the pose for two to three breaths and then return to the original sitting position.

Ardha Matsyendrasana (Spine Twist Pose)

This yoga pose is a bit difficult, but still, it is a superb way to recover the pancreas. It provides lateral rotations of the spine to improve the functioning of the digestive system. Useful for people with diabetes, with a concentration on the pancreas.

Shalabhasana (Locust Posture)

This yoga pose helps to strengthen the pancreas and liver and improves digestion. It also helps to combat acidity. This asana should be avoided if you are pregnant or if you had any recent abdominal surgery.

Kapalabhati (Pranayama)

This yoga pose mainly involves strong breathing exercises that help to get rid of blockages present in the arteries and also release the mucus. Breathing in deeply and breathing out helps oxygenate your blood, and improves circulation. It also calms the mind. This asana should be practiced by the patient for at least thirty minutes every day. 

Savasana (The Corpse Pose)

This yoga pose is generally practiced at the end of the yoga session, and it is a position of relaxation. First Lie flat on your back with the eyes closed, legs slightly spread, and the feet are dropping to the sides. The arms should rest on the sides as you can focus on breathing for 2 to 3 minutes. This yoga pose helps to relax the body muscles.

Above yoga poses for diabetes can prove to be effective in managing this chronic illness and help to live a healthy lifestyle.


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