Alex Bru

I start with Alpesh TTC in May 2017 and I’m very glad I decided to do it with him. Although it took more than 10 years practicing Iyengar yoga centers in my country as Iyengar Yoga Center of Barcelona® where students have some extra equipment and some teachers with a high level of training, can ensure that the Alpesh is an extraordinary professor. During the course, always been open to listening to all students, it is flexible yet demanding, I’ve never seen it leave any student’s hand, was open to transmit his knowledge without restriction or limit made thank you very, personally has worried the personal problems that each of his students may have had during the course apart from being a teacher was a great friend and esteem and believes that he does. Regarding practice, the style combines classic Iyengar classes typical of media (in this sense I think that would equip the center with a little more material, as good chairs Iyengar) and Flow or Vinyasa style classes, personally, I loved that because it breaks the mental routine and gives a lot of variability classes. He has a great knowledge of the technique of Pranayama and we practiced on loan sequences are personalized for each student. Regarding the theoretical study material, I think it could be improved as it is a bit chaotic. It also taught us to a very important fact is that yoga is not only the practice of Asanas, has shown us the importance and power of mantra, meditation, Karma yoga, and the Yamas and Nyamas. Finally, the atmosphere was very nice with lots of love, we laughed, we practiced hard and he left to go to Cookie Wal·la Jams sessions in Upper Bagsuh every night (this also recommend it as the Masala Chai Singh’s Corner).

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