In 2009 I met Alpesh in Bhagsu, he gave me private yoga and pranayama lessons. It made a deep impression on me, such a huge effect these simple breathing exercises gave!! When I was ready for another step in my professional life, to do more with pranayama was the first thing on my mind. I contacted Alpesh again (we kept in touch once in a while), and off I went for more training. In Bhagsu again, he convinced me to do a yoga teacher training course combined with pranayama. Wauw, that was a big step for me, a teacher training course. I enjoyed it a lot. As I worked already with older people and I wanted to use yoga and pranayama for this group, I had a lot of questions about what to do with special sicknesses and physical and mental conditions. Alpesh composed a special program for me, with a special teacher, he did everything to satisfy my needs and interests, even mantra singing classes, it was great… Alpesh is a devoted, knowledgeable and fun teacher. Personally, I am practicing yoga and pranayama now every day. This sounds like I am a fanatic, but I am not. I just feel good doing it. I am 48, yoga is for all ages. I am teaching now to people with Alzheimer’s disease, and more teaching is to come (the website had some delays). Writing this all down, I realize again how important Alpesh has been for me both personally and professionally. I am so happy with my new shift in career. Many thanks, Alpesh, for being my teacher and inspiration!

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