Drop-in Yoga Classes

Drop-in Yoga Classes

Yoga is non-competitive practice focusing on your body & breathing with awareness. You can start practicing yoga at any phase of your life, regardless your age, physical ability and flexibility.

We at Alpesh Yoga School India express utmost pleasure in welcoming Yogis from around the world into our Drop-in Yoga sessions that are held at our Center Goa & Dharamshala. Our drop-in yoga classes are beneficial for all the Yoga lovers who want to learn yoga, meditation, Pranayama and Asanas but do not have enough days for joining in our regular yoga courses. Our drop-in yoga classes are full of energy, with experienced and attentive teachers to guide you through your practice and encourage growth in your yogic journey. Our drop-in classes meet the needs of students of all levels through careful emphasis on alignment and form. Beginners will focus on building a solid foundation, while more experienced students can refine and strengthen their practice under the guidance of our teachers.

Classes begin with mantra chanting to help create mental stillness and concentration, followed by gentle stretching exercises to prepare the body for more active postures. Each class includes two rounds of sun salutations, followed by a carefully prepared sequence of Hatha Asana.

Our skilled and experienced Yoga teachers will cater to your every need by paying individual attention to you, assisting with your posture, alignment, and breathing patterns.
In addition to Aasana practice, At Alpesh Yoga we will also be focused on Pranayama, the conscious regulation of your breathing pattern. We will take you through the process to rectify your breathing style with the help of Guided Meditation post practice in order to ease your senses and relax your body. The drop-in yoga sessions at Alpesh Yoga School are guaranteed to leave you rejuvenated, unwound, one with yourself, and euphoric.

There is no need to book in advance, simply arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled class time to settle in and prepare for your practice. Drop-in yoga fees are 400 INR per class. Discount are available for students who wish to practice with us for more than 5 days. For more information, please ask our teachers about fee & discount when you arrive at the Yoga Shala.

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