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Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours

Unique, Traditional Yoga Teacher Training by Alpesh yoga coundcted at two location DHARAMSHALA, GOA

Yoga Intensive Course

For intermediates and expert to take there yoga skills to different level. Organized into 1 week , 2 week duration it demands mental and physical toughness with will to learn.

Art Of Breathing- 7 Days

Are you interested in the way your breath influences your body and mind? Do you wish to improve you overall health, both physically and psychologically? In this 7 day course you will practise various breathing techniques and learn about their specific benefits..

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Alpesh yoga welcome anyone who is eager to learn the "Real Yoga"

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Yoga Teacher Trainin , Intensive Yoga Course

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Alpesh Patwari Founded the Alpesh Yoga with his team of passionate and dedicated Yogi's

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"Alpesh is the best instructor we met in Arambol!" "Massive improvements and a new understanding of yoga." ""You are just flexible, but it is not yoga" Thank you very much, Alpesh!!!" Alpesh is the best yoga instructor, with which we have encountered in the arambole (were in seven schools), although at first glance it may seem pretty arrogant, I won't use the word, And apparently doesn't look like a yogi. But he is a teacher from God, not just holds lessons in the form of Flo, I mean the constant shifting of asan, and seeks to internal understanding asany. Although we're not rookies and doing yoga in Berlin in two years, in the first week of it seemed to me that I've never done yoga and I didn't know that could be krepatura in his fingers on his feet. Stretch your toes!!! Stretch your spine! Alpesh teaches in the summer, winter in daramsala arambole already 10 years old. 100 % of the recommendation. Thank you so much Alpesh for a new understanding of yoga.

Sabrina, Berlin Germany

"How I miss your yoga and Pranayama classes! I feel very lucky that I discovered you on the day I arrived in Arambol. Or more accurately: you found me studying your flyer and told me to come the next day. Naturally I obeyed… " "I had the opportunity to practice 22 days in a row. Yes, that’s every single day I was in Arambol, and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss one second of it. I did intensive yoga classes I breathed, and I felt blissfully in touch with life. " "Now that I’m home, I’m practicing three times a day. Already I notice being more relaxed about things, enjoying life as it comes. To me this is more than enough reason to continue. Oh, and of course the fact that I enjoy the practice itself so much :)" "To anyone considering Alpesh’s Pranayama classes I would like to say: go ahead and take class as often as you can! This is a unique opportunity so grab it with both hands. It might well be the beginning of a journey that will change your life. "

Fiovoor Fiona, The Netherland

  • "I spent my a month in Arambol with Alpesh Patwari doing intensive yoga classes and pranayama classes and it changed my life. He focused on giving me the corrections and structure I needed to feel more confident in my independent practise. He has a beautiful awareness pf the philosopjy pf yoga and I ferl I met a true teacher and friend. I highly recommend taking his course when you can ! Love and light!".

    Emily Earhling Hodge from Australia

  • Alpesh, my great yoga and Pranayama teacher. This man was my 'breathing-yoga' guru when I was in Arambol back in 2008. A truly life-altering experience for me! I left Arambol, completely cured from my sleep apnea! I highly recommend his classes to anyone. A true Master of the Art of yoga and Breathing!"

    Herman Brock Jr from The Netherlands

  • "I was doing my 200 TTC at Alpesh Yoga Centre. During the one month course I got a chance to taste all the aspects of yoga - whether philosophy anatomy and intensive asana practice." "What started as a physical challenge, became to be the highlight of my day." "My asana practice has deepen and I got to understand my body better then ever. Alpesh is a strict teacher, he will push you to your personal limit, while being responsible for the well being of his students. by putting the focus on right alignment, the practice become far more effective and safe, but more important - through my own correction and self exploration I manage to understand the postures as they should be and pass it on to my students. " "By the end of the course I felt healthier stronger and vital then ever, as well as confidant with the knowledge I have gained to become a responsible yoga teacher."


  • "I have been searching for yoga in India trying different teachers and schools for various months. When I found Alpesh I realised that he was the teacher I was looking for. Classes are tough, he is very exigent and makes you work very hard for each and every second. But at the same time you don't feel embarrassed to ask any doubt about the asanas and he makes you smile with a joke when you do not expect. These qualities are not easy to find all together in one person. If i had to choose two words to define his classes they would be 'TOUGH' and 'HAPPY'."


  • "Had a great time,could have ask for better YTTC." "Alpesh is an amazing teacher, a lovely person and a good friend." "High level of yoga training in beautiful Arambol goa." "I learned a lot and gained a lot of confidence to teach." "Thanks a lot Alpesh... already thinking of coming back!"

    Yevgeni Shianov

  • "Alpesh is the best instructor I've had in India. He focuses on individual corrections and you can ask heaps of questions. I've seen massive improvements in my flexibility and strength in such a short time.


  • "My name is Sarah Murray and I have been practicing yoga for the last 6 years. I he tried very many different styles and with many different teachers. I would say by far that Alpesh was my favorite teacher and the yoga he teaches was for me, perfect! I had never practiced yoga in that way that made my body so incredibly inclined, lean and strong. After one month, I was doing things I never thought I could! Alpesh is a super dedicated teacher who truly loves what he does. I am even planning on going back to India as soon as I am able to take a teacher training course with him. I would say this to anyone going to Goa weather they are yogis or not, to try classes with Alpesh, if not you'll be missing out.

    Sarah Murray

  • "Alphesh is the best teacher you can find in India. Me and my husband practiced yoga with Alphesh for one month. He was inspiring, attentive, tough, kind and flexible. When I need someone to listen and when I needed someone to be difficult with me, he was there. I studied in Israel and abroad with many yoga teachers and Alphesh is definitely number one!"

    Meital Peleg

  • "I have worked with Alpesh on two separate occasions. I suffer from a long standing back problem of 18 years, and am in a lot of physical pain. Thanks to Alpesh, and his Pranayama Course I am now able relax into the pain, which helps to loosen the muscles that have become so tight over the years. Alpesh not only has a very gentle and caring heart, but he is also a very good teacher, using fun methods to help the student relax into a good state of mind from which to learn. I benefited most from the one on one intensive sessions that I had with Alpesh as he was able to focus more specifically on my individual problems. After 20 Days, my pain was a great deal less than it had been, and I was in such a relaxed state mentally, that I felt like I was floating 2 inches off the floor. I still practice, the techniques I learnt from him, and can highly recommend Alpesh's Pranayama Course. I loved learning with him. Thanks Alpesh. Miss you Dude ü"

    Edward from Bournemouth, England

  • "Alpesh is an inspiring teacher, with a great sense of humor. Each class had a dynamic approach and I left learning something new each time. He had a big influence on my time in India, very thankful. "

    Dayle from Melbourne, Australia